What is Your Law Firm’s Most Important Differentiating Factor?

by Melanie Fischer on July 13, 2017

Have you ever been asked, “What’s your law firm’s differentiating factor?” This question might seem a bit unusual. Who goes around asking a question like that anyway? But as odd as the question might sound, it’s still important to know how to answer it.

A differentiating factor is something that makes your law firm unique and distinctive. It’s something that can be used as an identifier. A differentiating factor is also something that can cause a prospective client to choose you instead of another solo attorney.

So, what’s your law firm’s differentiating factor? If you cannot quickly and easily answer this question without spending minutes, hours, or days coming up with a meaningful response… it’s probably time to sit down and think about what you can offer clients that is better or more appealing than what your competitors can offer.

What are some factors that can be considered a differentiating factor?

Your office location. Are you the only attorney in town located within a few steps of the easiest form of public transportation in your city? Or, can clients get to your office without having to fight traffic congestion? Either of these scenarios can be viewed by clients as an extremely appealing benefit.

Your professional experience. With every passing day, most solo attorneys gain useful professional experience. Prospective clients might be looking for an attorney with a unique set of professional skills that only you possess. Your professional experience might be your most unique differentiating factor.

Your ability to communicate quickly and effectively. While it might seem obvious that a solo attorney should be a good communicator, some attorneys have extremely elevated communication skills and a strong drive to stay in touch with clients in a timely fashion. If you are known for returning calls and e-mails very quickly, prospective clients might choose to retain you because of your commitment to speedy communication.

Your willingness to meet clients outside of your office. Prospective clients might be interested in retaining you, but if your office is in an inconvenient location they might select a different attorney. Some solo attorneys will meet clients in a public meeting place – or even in a client’s house. Will you meet clients anywhere besides your office?

The abovementioned concepts are general ideas on how to develop a differentiating factor for your law firm. There are countless ways to make your practice stand out. Genuinely understanding what your clients want and expect from their attorney is helpful in developing your differentiating factor.

Keep in mind that consistency is important. If you spend time and money marketing something unique about your law firm, it’s important to remain committed to what you are promoting. For example, if you market your firm as the lowest cost legal services in town, you will want to stick to this promise. Whatever you choose as your differentiating factor, your uniqueness in a specific realm will cause your firm to stand out from the crowd over the course of time.



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