March’s Best of the Blogs

by Tali Thomason on March 31, 2016

We know you are busy! So we read through numerous blog posts and find the best ones to share with you each month.

Please let us know if you feel we are missing a particularly good one.

Quick Tips
Product Reviews
Google Drive Collaboration: It’s a Document Party!

Catherine Sanders Reach, Attorney at Work
Google Drive, through Docs, Sheets or Slides, has given users a free way to create documents, share them and allow multiple users to edit simultaneously or asynchronously. So, how would you use this? Read more.

The Lawyers’ Guide to Hacking Threats

Karin Conroy,
Law firms are especially tempting to cyber criminals because of the value of the sensitive information stored on their networks. A majority of law firms have experienced some sort of hacking, with law firms that handle government contracts and international business being targeted most often. Read more.

How Technology Can Make You a Better Lawyer

John Bennion, Above the Law
There is no app for being a better lawyer. There is no program that will make your arguments more logical or public speaking better or the case law in your favor. Technological tools do for the legal profession what automobiles do for industry in general: they help us do things faster and perform tasks that would otherwise be impossible or impractical. Read more.

Computer Buying Guide for Lawyers

Sam Glover,
In general, people spend way too much time worrying about which computer to buy. You can run a law practice just fine on a $400 Dell desktop (not that you should). Not satisfied? Okay, here are a few things you maybe should think about if you want to make buying a computer harder than it really needs to be. Read more.

The Value of a Blog on an Attorney’s Website

Melanie Fischer, Solo in Colo
A law firm is a business. Just like any business, law firms need to attract prospective clients on an on-going basis. Even the busiest law firm must maintain an active marketing campaign. A solo attorney might not have an abundance of time to focus on marketing efforts, but some marketing tactics can be handled relatively quickly. Read more.

9 Steps to an Effective Content Marketing Plan

Cari Twitchell,
Here’s the thing: you do want to do it right. If you are willing to put time and money into marketing yourself, you need to follow these nine steps to build a content strategy that will achieve your law firm’s goals. Read more.

Social Media Marketing Trends for 2016

Gyi Tsakalakis, Attorney at Work
In 2016, reputation and relationships remain fundamental to client development. If anything’s changing, it’s the tools at our disposal to create, nurture and solidify our relationships. Read more.

How Solos and Small Firms Can Cut Costs and Make Their Money Go Further

Stephanie Francis Ward, ABA Journal
Cost savings are particularly important for small firms and solos. What are some easy fixes for making law firm budgets go further, and what are some common mistakes to avoid? Read more.

The Future and Past of the Supreme Court

Podcast, Legal Talk Network
Elie and Joe talk to Professor Peter Irons about Justice Scalia’s vacancy and the often very personal stories of the people who bring their cases to the United States Supreme Court. Read more.

Client Development Coaching: What’s Holding You Back?

Cordell Parvin, Cordell Parvin Blog
One thing I ask lawyers when I am first coaching them is whether there is anything holding them back from achieving their own definition of success. Read more.


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