Do You Have the Right Personality to Succeed as a Solo Attorney?

by Melanie Fischer on November 1, 2016

When you were a child, did you ever argue with your parents or siblings? Did you protest doing things that you did not want to do? Were you loud and demanding – and never accepted “no” for an answer?

In response to your childhood personality, did your parents ever say, “Wow! You are going to make a great attorney someday!”

 If so, your parents might have been on to something.

But, truth be told, not all children that are stubborn and argumentative are destined to become attorneys.

Conversely, not all quiet and reserved children are destined to become attorneys either.

In reality, your personality may have absolutely nothing to do with your ability to succeed and prosper as an attorney. The legal industry is made up of all types of people with all types of dispositions and temperaments.

No matter how you, a client, a stranger, or even a Myers-Briggs test defines your personality – there is an excellent chance that you can succeed as an attorney – so long as you are motivated and determined to make it professionally.

Instead of focusing on your specific personality traits to determine whether you have a chance at flourishing as an attorney, it makes more sense to concentrate on your attitude and your approach to a solo attorney career.

lawquestionAre you an entrepreneur at heart? As a solo attorney, you’re not just an attorney. You’re also a small business owner. Does the thought of owning your own business make you feel excited and happy? The most successful small business owners are those with a full commitment to managing and growing their organization into one that is productive and profitable.

Are you willing to work hard and go the extra mile to guarantee the success of your law firm? If you are in the beginning stages of building a solo law practice, it’s important to understand and accept that the process can be lengthy and challenging. Success requires time and effort – even more so than that required as an employee of a demanding law firm. If you are a solo attorney who has been in business for yourself for several years, it’s essential to remain committed to customer service and to make changes, if necessary, for the benefit of your firm’s ultimate success.

Are you able to remain positive – even when things look bleak? No matter the industry, most small business owners face financial ups and downs over the course of time. Many solo attorneys encounter days or weeks when business seems slower than normal. Occasionally, you might lose big client. Furthermore, the country’s economy can directly impact your business. When this occurs, your outlook can turn from positive and enthusiastic to negative and pessimistic. When business is slow, it’s important to remain confident and to keep a composed attitude.

Remember that it’s not so much your personality that dictates whether you will succeed as a solo attorney. It’s your determination, drive, and ability to pursue your career with persistence and purpose.


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