Succession Planning — Webinar, May 24 at noon

by Tali Thomason on May 16, 2018

Thinking about retirement? Even if you are years away, don’t miss this practical and comprehensive look at the many and various factors and risks which must be considered when planning for one’s retirement.  The program will examine the realities faced by the potential retiree as well as the hopes and desires that the retiree has concerning his or her upcoming retirement.

Some of the topics addressed include the risks involved in winding up a law practice, malpractice insurance issues, and how health and finances will impact the plan.  The program will start with a focus on backup attorneys as a springboard into a broad overview of succession planning to include a discussion on how to achieve a rewarding retirement and how to avoid the many pitfalls one may face during the transition.

It is an insightful, thoughtful and thorough tour de force of the multi-faceted issues and risks facing the attorney who is trying to navigate the waters of succession planning as well as managing the transition into retirement.

 A Sampling of Program Takeaways:
– A better understanding of the manifold issues and risks to be addressed by a retiring attorney
– A practical view as to how to approach and deal with these issues
– An understanding of the possibilities available to the retiree following retirement
– Specific steps to be followed in closing the practice
– How to actually manage the transition
– Malpractice insurance issues related to retirement
Program Materials: A 25 page set of materials will be made available to program participants.

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