Tip of the Week from the LPM Dept—Changing the Default Save Folder in Word 2007 and 2010

by Tali Thomason on April 22, 2015

By Reba Nance, LPM Director

By default, Word tries to save new documents in your “My Documents” folder. Many of us want to save documents somewhere else. For example, if you save your documents to client folders, here’s how you can change the default location for saved documents to something such as C:\clients\documents. That way, the next time you click on “Save As” the location will default to C:\clients\documents and all you have to choose is the individual client folder. Here’s how:

In Word 2007:
1. Open a new Word document
2. Click on the Microsoft Office Button (the graphic on the top far left)
3. Click Word Options (near the bottom of the box)
4. Click Save (on the left)
5. Under Save Documents, next to Default File Location box, click Browse
6. Select the new default folder and click OK—you’re done!

In Word 2010:
1. Open a new Word document
2. Click on File (in the upper left
3. Click on Options (on the left)
4. Click on Save (on the left)
4. Click on Browse (next to Default file location)
6. Locate and choose the folder you want as the default save location
7. Click OK to save the selection
8. Double-check to be sure you’ve selected the directory you want
9. Click OK and you’re set!

Feel free to contact Reba Nance at reban@cobar.org with questions.


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