The Value of a Blog on a Solo Attorney’s Website

by Melanie Fischer on March 7, 2016

blog-2-1agqwuwA law firm is a business. Just like any business, law firms need to attract prospective clients on an on-going basis. Even the busiest law firm must maintain an active marketing campaign. A solo attorney might not have an abundance of time to focus on marketing efforts, but some marketing tactics can be handled relatively quickly. One such tactic is maintaining a blog.

Maintaining an active blog on your website is one of the easiest ways for to a solo attorney to keep the website current. Given the fact that a large percentage of people search for an attorney on the internet, it’s important to have a website that offers an excellent first impression. A blog, which is something that can be updated quickly and easily, is an ideal tool for keeping the public informed about your solo law practice, as well as about facts and information about the legal industry and general tips on how to select a solo attorney.

There is great value in keeping your blog updated and current, and it’s something that can be accomplished in a matter of a few minutes. Blog entries must be accurate and factual, but they do not have to be long or complicated. Of course, you may choose to write long or complicated posts, but this is certainly not a requirement for a successful blog. Your short response to a newsworthy event, a few bullet points about a general legal topic, or your thoughts on something that may be of interest to current and/or prospective clients are all good topics for blog posts.

Besides the fact that a blog can be used to share information, here are a few other reasons that maintaining your website’s blog is important:

Search Engine Ranking – A blog that is updated regularly can help your law firm’s website achieve a higher search engine ranking. The higher your website ranks, the more likely prospective clients will be directed to it.

Show Your Knowledge and Expertise – When your website has an active blog, and when your blog entries provide insight and information into a particular area of law, prospective clients who see the blog will be impressed with your knowledge. An active blog that is well-maintained can be much more appealing to prospective clients compared to another solo attorney’s website that is sparse or does offer any helpful information.

Start a Conversation – A blog can be used to get a conversation started with a prospective client. If readers find your blog posts interesting, they might leave a comment on your blog or share your blog post with others. Blog comments from the public and shares on social media can be used as an excellent marketing and promotion tool.

Many solo attorneys view maintenance of a blog as a chore that is not worthwhile. However, an active blog can serve as a valuable marketing tool. If handled properly, the few minutes you spend each week creating blog posts can translate into prospective clients’ calling your firm for legal help.


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