Casemaker Weekly – October 17th, 2018

by Tali Thomason on October 17, 2018

This week we answer the following: “What is CasemakerPro?” “How can you exclude a term?” “Where are previous versions of content?” Ready to get started?

Using the NOT search

Are your results giving you a bunch of cases that are not relevant but still contain your terms? Do those irrelevant cases all seem to have a term in common? Maybe you should try excluding a term. For example, maybe you want documents that mention property but not commercial property. In the search bar, you can enter property NOT commercial and Casemaker will give you cases that mention property that do not contain the word commercial.

Archived Content

You can find archives of previous years’ statutes, rules, administrative code and session laws in Casemaker. When you click on any state you will see a blue bar labeled Archive. Clicking on Archive will bring up four options; Administrative Code, Rules, Session Law, and Statutes. From here you can simply click on the content you require and select the year you are seeking.

You can also find previous versions by clicking on the Archive tab while viewing the current content. Simply bring up the current statute, rule, or code to read it’s content then click on Archive in the grey bar above the content you are viewing. Then click on the year you wish to view.
Casemaker Pro

Many bars provide members not only with Casemaker but with CasemakerPro – which includes not only Casemaker but also a suite of tools to help make work easier. With CasemakerPro you can receive regular summaries of appellate decisions in your preferred practice area and jurisdiction with Casemaker Digest. Casecheck+ works seamlessly in the Casemaker system to tell you instantly if a case has been treated negatively by subsequent cases with a red thumbs-down icon. You can click on the case in question to see what type of negative treatment occurred and you will find a direct link to the case which treated it negatively. CasemakerPro also provides you with Citecheck, a tool which analyzes any searchable brief you upload and provides you with a report on any negatively treated citations. You can find out more about CasemakerPro by clicking on the Features tab in Casemaker.

That is all for this week! We will back with more tips and tricks next week. Thanks again for making Casemaker a Valued Member Benefit.

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